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girl interrupted



May 5th, 2008

(no subject)

I'm getting a new roommate. Niko moved to Jyväskylä cause his parents are getting divorce so there's a lot going on in there. My best friend broke up with his boyfriend and she's moving with me this wednesday :)

March 2nd, 2008

(no subject)

I'm exhausted.
One girl from work is sick so I've been covering her shifts after school and this weekend. I have to go tomorrow too, after my allergic test, and tuesday after school and maybe wednesday, thursday and friday after school. Plus I have my own shifts saturday and sunday. Say bye bye to day offs :/
Well, that means I probably have the money to go to London once I'm in Paris, cause the money I make from Feb 11th to March 10th I will get on March 20th and they will be my travel money :)

And now about that moving to nearby you, Laeti. I've been thinking, it would be awesome to find some school where I could accomplish some short degree of some part of confectionery sector. Or some internship or something. I don't mean I have to be there like forever but month, six months, year or so will do..

But that's all for now.. I'm too tired and have nothing to say about my days, really. Only that I started to watch Doctor Who after I read about it from your journal. I've been using the same website, you linked me earlier, and all the DW episodes seem to have been erased or so :/ I've only seen the very first episode now. (Never heard of that show earlier :) )

But anyhow. I'll go to watch some telly now. Laters.

February 26th, 2008

(no subject)

My baby is here. She's finally here. She's pretty and I love her :)

Now I can remove all my pictures from my camera to my computer. Yay!

Back to school now. I had a one week vacation last week and we're back working this week. I made couple of princess cakes (which pics I can show later, cause I can :) ).
We are going to be in our school bakery this whole week.. and I dislike my job partner. He's such a teenager. With all the drama and bragging..ugh..

Need to get some sleep now. I'm still not fully recovered from my oscar night.

February 25th, 2008

(no subject)

I did manage until 7 a.m. Then got a good 2 hour of sleep and now am pumping myself with coffee.

I was pretty disappointed for Johnny Depp, I must say. I would have like him to have his Oscar finally. I think he has done pretty amazing job in every role he plays and never really got any effort for them.

Oh but the leading female. I was SO happy for Marion Cotillard! She was so sweet. I mean when they got the oscar for make-up or whatsoever, she almost had a heart attack. She was so happy for it. I've never seen anyone as happy for a make-up oscar than she was. And then when she won herself.. She deserved it.

Oh, and Diablo Cody. I like her too.

Laeti, whenever you get to go to the Oscars for being nominated for original screenplay, could you take me as an avec? *puppyeyes*

(no subject)

I've been hanging inside the whole day. My goal is to stick around until 7a.m. One of our television channels is airing oscars live and I would like to see it this year, since I keep missing it every year for some stupid school or work..
I'm already hungry and pretty tired so I'm afraid of eating anything cause I know I'll fall asleep right after that.

Another problem. I started to download some Dawson's Creek seasons today and my hard drive is packed already. I have no idea what I should remove or delete. I need them all. I'm happy for my new precious laptop that hopefully arrives during next week. I can download more movies and tv shows and music and and and..

Well, time to do something active or else I'll fall asleep on my keyboard..
So Laeti, if you're awake tonight, you know where to find me :)
(if not, I'll just heckle Elizabeth when she logs on msn)
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